Co-operate Scotland is a co-operative of business and development advisers specialising in co-ops and community businesses.
We’ve got hands-on experience ourselves of starting co-ops, managing co-ops, handling conflict in co-ops, promoting co-ops and developing and growing co-ops and community businesses across many different sectors.

Our starting point is you and your needs.

We’ll work with your co-op or community business in the way that works best for you with high-quality, carefully considered, tailored advice and support:

  • Getting you started, helping you solve problems, helping you find clarity, or guiding you through strategic or financial challenges
  • With face-to-face sessions, workshops, advice and guidance, hand-holding, mentoring or training

We can also take on specific pieces of work on contract to fill an in-house skills gap.


We believe Scotland has a growing appetite for democratically-driven, locally-owned and community-focused businesses.

Research shows co-operatives and community businesses are more resilient than traditional businesses. Working co-operatively promotes fairness and inclusion and is better for business.

Co-operatives are a practical, proven and effective way to tackle disadvantage, marginalisation and inequality. To make Scotland a fairer place to live and work.

How do we work with you?

Get in touch with us for an informal chat and we’ll work out together what you need.

If you’re a start-up, or existing co-op that needs some development support, we’ll signpost you to funding, for example through Co-operative Development Scotland. If you’re not eligible for funding, we can give you a quote.

We’ll also help to connect you with like-minded co-operatives, community businesses and other sources of co-operative support.

Still unsure?

Get in touch.